Valkyrie Profile 2 [BUGS]
First Level Works Well (Testing emu v: playground svn 708 and Rev: 461)
Forest Level Graphics Bugs see the image
[Image: 2eqayzb.jpg]

Gsdx 0.1.7
First Level Playable 60 fps always
Forest 38-40 fps

Cinematics 20 fps too bad

Gsdx 0.1.14
First Level Playable 27-22 fps always
Forest 12 fps always and Graphical Bugs

Cinematics 45 fps good

[Image: 15pstxd.jpg]

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Check 'Native' resolution checkbox in GSDX to fix forest artefacts.
(02-11-2009, 05:40 PM)Cain Wrote: Check 'Native' resolution checkbox in GSDX to fix forest artefacts.

Same bug also on Native resolution.
Yeah, the forest scene is a hardware renderer problem.
Only a special hack by Gabest can fix it..
Well, it works for me at least, after setting resolution to 'native' all the screen bugs disappear and the bottom part of the screen gets fixed as well.

Edit: I was wrong, it doesn't fix it completely, still it's better than big bad squares Smile

not only that scenario you see also see random vertical line strips during battle.
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