Valkyrie Profile 2 Crash
Hey Guys!

I got a problem with this game.
I used the newest beta with newest plugins, but when I want to start the game the emulator crashes.
Do you need any information about the type of crash?
It never happened before to me, that a game doesnt start.

Thanks in advance.

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did you read the FAQ ?

The one that tells you to enable the tri-ace fix ?
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which faq (:? thx btw
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ahh this faq!
I entirely read it, but this is some time ago, so i forgot the function of these uncountable options Laugh
i have a problem with my Valkyrie Profile 2. Even though the emu works fine, it does not start up the game. it went straight to browser mode.
You haven't configured your CDVD plugin properly. The guide I linked above describes that in great detail.
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