Valkyrie Profile 2 Graphical Issue at Forest
Any idea how to fix this problem? I use the latest svn and plugin except gsdx 1.7.0.

Also can anyone confirmed that this game is playable until the end, without much crashes?

Thanks for sharing. Tongue
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This problem can only be solved by changing the graphics plug-in to software based acceleration either DX 9 or 10. When using hardware acceleration there quite a few graphical issues. So for now we have to wait until the plug-in is developed further until they figure out the reasons behind this annomality. Sofar i only came accros some freezing in cutscenes which can be skiped. Sometimes they work sometimes they don`t but thats only because i use some speedhacks i suppose. Even so the game itself works pretty well you just need a good cpu, because i only get slow downs now and then when many geometrical visuals(polygons,3d objects or whatever you might want to call them. are shown. Probably a best start would be 3 GHz and above.
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