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Valkyrie Profile 2 Graphics glitch
This is with the latest beta...I'll check 1.4.0 if you want.

1 - Ghost
2 - While using native,switch to SW and then back to HW.On the place where you barely see Alicia next to the enemy(right side)is where I'm currently appearing after teleportation and Alicia at the far right was her position when I switch to hw=>sw=>hw mode
3.This is while using anything above native before switching between hw=>sw=>hw
4.The grid in the forest and during every transition effect.
5.Seems problem 2 also applies to higher scaling modes after switching between sw/hw(the black is replaced by this).On the right side is teleportation almost completed and the left is after switching(this is an image of Alicia almost at the far right of the map)

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Ouch, please go easy on dev. I'm still human Tongue2

So ghost and grid are likely the same as tekken5. I need to resume my work on my merge sprite hack.

No clue for others, likely bad texture invalidation but I need to trace it.

pcsx2 wiki is your friend. as for the bluring there is fix/work around in there, the blur issue has been there for ever and happen on certian maps/screens
(09-22-2016, 10:59 AM)gregory Wrote: Even openGL HW renderer + accurate blending + Xn upscaling resolution (not CR) ?

EDIT>>> Oh! I did use a lot of the setting from this page I looked all that up before making this post, I was just hoping for some added information here.

  I am sorry for not fully understanding, but

I do understand the "openGL hardware renderer" In the GSDx Plugin settings.

But i am not understanding the rest of that line >>> accurate blending + Xn upscaling resolution (not CR)

I did try the OpenGl Hardware setting, and it did not work so well for me. But I do not know if I did that other stuff you have at the end of that line "accurate blending + Xn upscaling resolution (not CR)" as i do not see, or understand what I am suppose to be changing ?

   Please forgive me for not fully grasping the terminology.
Another thing, Is sort of superficial, and I might not do it, but I never could cheat on my PS2 as I never had any cheating software.

It would be nice sense I am playing a lot for nostalgia reasons, if i could cheat a little, but I keep reading where this game is suppose to have a lot of anti cheating stuff built into it... ( I do not understand that, as it is a single player game or it always has been for me ), but why would anyone place anti cheating on a single player game is to me ludicrous.

But any way, is there any safe way to maybe use a little of the .pnach cheating for this game. It can be laborious in places, and I would like to just re-play the memory more than the laborious part's..LOL

I want a lot of the experience, but some of the bosses, and gathering, can be a real pain.
accurate blending - Blending Unit Accuracy
Xn upscaling resolution  - Internal Resolution(scaling modes not Custom(CR)

And about cheating...I never made a pnach,I just added the things I want to my save using memory searching tools like Cheat Engine/ArtMoney and never save what cheats I found.
Now if you want,this card contains two saves(slot 96 and 97)
96 - LV1 in Solde right after you start the game.The save contains all the items and equipments worth having(you have all the equipments needed to learn all skills and some extras)and tons of money
97 - Serdberg Mountain Ruins before the boss and at LV4...this is the same save as above but you have 99999 crystals(enough to get all the crystals that are worth having in the game)

I use that save to clear the game on my PS2 at least 3 times so it's freezing free(at least on the PS2)

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.rar   Save.rar (Size: 109,14 KB / Downloads: 66)
Thank you so much, I will look at that save. I just want to see everything in the game again.. I did it the hard way a some years ago, and a little easier this time might be nice. I hope that is not a bad thing. I do want some challenge, but not as extreme as before.
Yes,this is how I make my "new game plus" kinda saves on some games...making them just a little bit easier to still enjoy the game,not just the story(which is actually the main reason I'm playing it again).It's boring with everything maxed out or with something unlimited

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