Valkyrie Profile 2 NTSC-U vs. PCSX2 Nightly 1.7.2722
Hello everyone.

I read the wiki, tried a bunch of settings and some .pnach but a lot of info I dig around seems outdated or contradictory (i.e. on the wiki some settings under "Graphics" aren't quite the same on what the author wrote under "Comments") and it is not easy to understand what I have to do to fix the game. It seems that the settings for this game varies heavily based on the system it runs on and the alignment of the stars. I played Xenosaga 1-3 recently and almost made all the setting by myself after some reading and trial and error, but this time I hit a wall.

My main issue is that, outside cutscenes, the main character is surrounded by some sort of glowing aura that looks like a lightning effect misplaced due to upscaling (I play x6 native, tried lowering it but doesn't go away even at x3) and the only way to really fix it (and the whole game, TBH) is to set skipdraw to 1-15 (left box 1, right box 15) but this kills completely every cutscene transforming it into a pure chaotic garbage. It is very hard to see while standing still as it blends with the background, but very noticeable when the character is moving, especially for someone picky as me. It is omnipresent regardless of any other kind of setting I change beside skipdraw, Half-Pixel Offset moves him around a little but doesn't fix it, stable version 1.6.0 has the same issue and so does any renderer beside, obviously, software mode (that show a glimpse of that glow but at least it is correctly placed on the character and not floating around like some kind of spirit).

Maybe there is a .pnach to fix it? Running the game in progressive (triangle + cross on boot) could make any difference?


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Set the resolution to native.
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(05-10-2022, 02:44 AM)lightningterror Wrote: Set the resolution to native.

This will surely fix the problem as I said in my post, but at that point I would just boot up my original disc on my PS2 and play the game.
Then do that, there's no other fix right now.
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I somewhat managed to kinda fix the issue.

I used the .pnach contained in the 4K upscaled texture pack you can find on the wiki and turned the Accurate Blending setting to the minimum: this doesn't get rid of the glowing effect entirely but massively reduces it making a lot of light-intensive locatons (i.e. Dipan at night) more bearable.

Another thing I did is setting the skipdraw to 15-15 and Half-Pixel Offset to Texture-Aggressive: this eliminates the blurred background during cutscenes and the "glowing canvas" around the edges of the screen in certain locations (i.e. path to Coriander) at the cost of showing black vertical lines during cutscenes, but upscaling everything to x6 makes them way less disturbing. I guess it is a tradeoff: cutscenes aren't perfect but gameplay is fine.

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