Valkyrie Profile 2 Settings Help
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i7 [email protected]
GTX580 x2 SLI

Game seems to run fine but when in battle there is lag when attacking/attacked.

I have the internal resolution maxed (1920x1080) and its on Direct3D11 Hardware. Anti Aliasing is on. Could be a sound issue, but I'm not sure. Anyone else experience this?

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That's surely not a sound issue;p, sound lags only because the rest of the game does, it's synchronized, but not that demanding at all.

On the other hand MSAA is a hack and an unsafe one on the top of that, causing extra issues is pretty much what it does in most games, from breaking graphics, to even crashing different side effects depending on game;p. Turn it off and it should run fine unless you have some driver issues as NVidia drivers are pretty bad for pcsx2 nowadays.
Quote:I have the internal resolution maxed (1920x1080)
you should try to lower this a bit. AFAIK, this game is quite GPU demanding (especially during 2D phases)
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I solved the issue. I found a plugin for PCSX2 made just for VP2. Now the game looks gorgeous and it doesn't lag. Thanks!

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