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Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria Adjust Speaker position crashes game
Quote: Using the WS patch the 'text' still isn't perfect, but the 3d backgrounds and stuff are being rendered more accurately to match 16:9 better.

Whether it's worth it though... that's a different story. There's random freezes in the menu even at other spots. I can't seem to accurately reproduce it, but it doesn't happen with the WS patch disabled. Quite a problematic patch.

Honestly i never used ws patchs I just set it 16:9 in PCSX2 and leave be unless the game has 16:9, cause even with the ws patchs its format is still not correct. cause most ps2 game where made with 4:3 in mind and just and 16:9 widescreen support that just gave the movie feel to ps2 games on crt aka top and bottom black bars. hell some of WS patch i dont even like the way it make the games look when enabled

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That's just a matter of opinion though. Tongue Some people prefer patches, others don't. Personally I'm someone that loves to be able to play the PS2 games in WS. Laugh
Then again it would be different on a CRT monitor I guess. 16:9 would indeed look odd on that due to lack of widescreen support..

In any case, for this particular game the WS patch is definitely causing issues, and not just the one from this topic. I think it needs to be looked at or just removed from the for now until we can figure out what exactly is causing it. (I know for a fact that VP2 is a real pain in the ass with cheats, that includes WS patches most likely).

Until then people should just use the native 16:9 feature of VP2. (I've been playing with it for a while now and had no further issues).
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I agree
also i'll look into this if anyone else wants to they can help
for now though until the issue's are resolved i recommend the patch be removed as it does more harm than good
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