Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria / Pcsx2 Recommended settings?
Blush. . . .
My Pcsx2 is so laggy and the sound is distorted. Blush
Uhh..I want to play Valkyrie profile 2 but have no idea
what to set the settings to.
I have an .iso

My Specs

OS:Windows 8.1 x64
Graphics:i5 intel core 3210m cpu
Ram:6gb (5.89 usable)

I iso is fine my its just the emulator is so laggy it doesn't load
which is why i have a black screen.I don't know how to fix this Blush

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Like your other topics, no support for piracy.
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please post your emulog and screenshot of all of your pcsx2 settings, Thanks.
Never mind
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A bit retarded, maybe ?
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