"Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, SLES-54644" Save Game Request [Cancelled]
It seems that i now have disabled the entire Game Protection of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria  Laugh
The Game now does not end up in black Screens after Battles and i can save without
corrupting the Save File.Load the save File is also possible.I will resume the further work
on this Game Months later but maybe someone has Save Files for VP2, SLES 54644 on
different locations ? Many Items, much Money etc.So i can do more tests some time.
I already downloaded from gamefaqs.com european Save Files but these were
somehow US (BASLUS...) Save Files.Urrghh.

UPDATE: I have analyzed the Protection Codesegment and i know how it is working.Now i
have three different means to disable the Protection and they seems to work 100%
Nevertheless some Save Files for Test Purposes would be very useful.

= Save Files No longer needed =

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do you have game save with max 50 clear difficulty or perhaps code that will make your clear difficulty 50?
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