Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria: Won't start. "Bus Error"
Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria is listed as "in-game" but I can't seem to get the game to start at all.

I've tried 0.9.6 and a couple of SVNs including the latest (921) and when I start the game (eg. Run CD/DVD) I get this in the console:

loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLUS_214.52;1
loadElfFile: 848912
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLUS_214.52;1; CRC = CC96CE93
vtlbDefaultPhyRead32: 0x379A740
vtlbDefaultPhyRead16: 0x22F420
vtlbDefaultPhyRead8: 0x22F420
(EE) Bus Error, addr=0x0 [store]
(EE) PC: 0x8000029c Cycle: 0x194ec758

...and then the game window quits and returns me to the PCSX2 window. (eg. the game window only appears for a split second, if that)

Is the "in-game" status incorrect for this title?

Thanks for any help!

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There is a gamefix required for this and other TriAce games (such as Star Ocean 3). You'll find it under the GameFixes dialog in the Config menu. Once enabled, you'll probably have to press Start a couple times to skip past the intro movies (they don't play yet, so you'll juet get a black screen).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Well, that was easy. Thanks!

However, I see that massive bugs exist once you get in-game but I suppose I can't complain. Smile

Hopefully it will fixed in one of the SVN releases...

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