Valkyrie Profile Silmeria PAL
Hello guys! Seems like I can't run this game.. I already enabled the Tri-ace hack.. I can't see the opening cutscene.. all I get is a black screen.. I am using the latest pcsx2 build.. any suggestions? PAL version it is..

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Invalid bug report and worded like a tech support post. Moving to general discussion.

please post all your settings and emulog.txt
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Here are my settings

[Image: osNIQ.jpg]
[Image: TWft3.jpg]
[Image: jdyT7.jpg]
[Image: 1EBui.jpg]
[Image: WhMz4.jpg]
[Image: bJGny.jpg]
[Image: FmvR9.jpg]
[Image: 1DHga.jpg]
[Image: eCfgg.jpg]
that's what you get for downloading games.
merry christmas, happy new year & thread closed.
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