Various problems
Hi guys, I'm really excited to try PCSX2 but I'm having a few problems.
I'll be honest, I'm utterly dismal when it comes to computers but after alot of work I finally dumped my BIOS, had all the configuration sorted out and popped in a disc into my DVD drive. I tried running it several times, all failed.

So I did some frantic googling and I found a forum post saying to download ImgBurn and fiddle about with the ISO. It didn't work so I tried another game, same result. I put in the game I actually went to all this trouble for (Dragon Quest 8) and thankfully it worked (opposed to the screen going grey and freezing as it did with the last two).

But work is a loose definition; the PS2 logo popped up and fidgetted around then came the German. When I play it on the PS2 I'm sure it's English. But of more pressing concern I didn't even know how to operate it.
I simply wanted to select what display size to have but I after pressing every key not a single one wanted to confirm this decision.
Am I wrong in thinking I can use this program with just my laptop keyboard?

Sorry to trouble you with what I can only assume is a trivial problem for you lads Tongue2

I've managed to gain control over this beast by changing the control from Lilypad to the other alternative.
This is great and all but the language is still I mess (I think it might be Dutch actually) and even more concerning is how slow it's running. Yagnus sounded like he had some sort of chronic illness of the throat. It took me about 2 seconds to simply lift up a barrel. Basically it's looking grim.
I'm pretty sure my system is able to run it though; I only got this laptop a few months back, it can play Goddam Bluray discs.

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You will have to post your PC specs and PCSX2 and plugin settings so we can help with the speed problem.

For language, try going into the bios and changing the language there (seelect no disc from the CDVD menu then boot the emulator). You may need to do a full boot too (System > Boot CDVD (full).
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