Very Sudden Fps Drop
Ive been playin some kingdom hearts 2 final mix and was playin pretty well 55-60 FPS mostly but when i got to the The World That Never Was my FPS just suddenly dropped to 20-30 anyone have a solution I didnt change anything by the way.
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VUsTongueretty much same thing
SpeedHacks-maxed out

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It could be that The World That Never Was is more graphicly demanding that places like twilight town. I have played all of the way through the game on the ps2 and it looks like The World That Never Was is more demanding than other worlds.
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(11-20-2013, 03:38 AM)FrostyPando Wrote: SpeedHacks-maxed out

Maxing out VU cycle stealing can cause slowdown, you might try dropping it to 2 or 1.
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As blyss said max out the vu and ee cycle can cause slowdown. If you want some speed try to change resolution to native and goto sound plugins and tick disable effact. And try vu and ee to 2 or both to normal.
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