Very impressed with the latest release, here is 4 games i tried
Hi i had another account a long time ago but it seems to have dissapeared. The point is ive tried all releases of pcsx2 and when the latest releases came out i was beginning to think that my pc just couldnt handle the load to play a game at normal speed.

Well with the latest release i as usual tried my 4 favourite games hoping a little more speed at least and most of them didnt work at all with the previous version.

Now i found that kengo 1 and 3 work perfect and with great speed. Kengo 2 works but little slow i also noticed it uses more cpu than the other 2.
I also tried rygar the legendary adventure and works great but a little slow.

So a lot of thanks and congratulations to the team!!!!!!

Tell me if there is some compatibility thread so i can post the details if nobody did it yet, for anyone that wants it. Thanks.

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Use this thread:
It's exactly for that usage Wink I'll close this one to prevent spamming,you go ahead and post your results in the screenshots thread
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