Very light force feedback in Enthusia
I'm using a Logitech G29 with the USBqemu plugin and it works perfectly in GT3 and GT4, but in Enthusia there is little to no feedback in the wheel. I only feel slight jolts when I go over bumps, and there is no way to know how the car is reacting.

I tried calibrating it in game, messing with the qemu settings, changing between Driving Force Pro and GT Force, but nothing works.

I'm stumped.

Still on 1.6.0, if that helps any.

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bump because why not
I'm having a similar issue, main problem I have is that I have to turn the wheel almost 180 degrees to get the car to move in any sort of meaningful way.

Quick post but I think I've accidentally fixed it, I set the FFB to high in the game settings, then I went into the USB wheel settings and turned dead zone to 0, and now it seems to function pretty good.
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