Very slow emulation for Asus k40ab
Hi guys. I have the asus K40AB laptop with next hardware configuration:

Processor : AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology Processor ZM84

Chipset : AMD RS780 / RX781

Video Graphics & Memory : ATI Mobility™ Radeon® HD 4570, 512MB VRAM

Main Memory : DDR2-800 (PC2-6400) / 2048 МБ

Operating System : Windows 7

for detail information see link
asus k40ab specifications

So. I tryed run different games of ps2 console and got very slow emulation speed. I read about configuration of emulator on official site and tryed applied different kinds of settings(include D3D9 - D3D10 hardware, superVU Recompiler [legacy], speed hacks and etc.). But, unfortunately it not help. I tryed under win xp and 7 os. Maybe my hardware configurations is not according with minimum requirements. Who has similar hardware configurations, maybe you can give me advice for configuration or something that. I from Belarus, my native language is russian, so not kick for bad english)))

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That laptop of yours can't run PCSX2 at full speed no matter what you do. Don't you have a gaming desktop?
I'm not sure what understand what you mean under "gaming desktop". If you about pc games, there is all right. For example i played in cod modern warfare 3 on medium configuration. I think what for emulation my laptop does not fit, right ?
The laptop's CPU is likely too slow.

What games are you trying to run?

Edit: And what are the percentages at the top of the screen?
This laptop is too underpowered to run most games. Either stick to 2D games until you can afford a much faster PC, or consider emulating PS1 instead Tongue
Ge-Force, I try to run "wipeout fusion".

[Image: wipeout_fusion.jpg]

Coornio, I agree with you and I think so too. You right, ps games run successfully.

Thank you all for help. Smile
You might have luck using the EE, VU cycle hacks.

I have the game myself (haven't played it on pcsx2 that much, may have a go).
I set third level of cyclerate for EE and VU mode. I didn't get nothing but bugs Smile. I have original ps2 and "wipeout fusion" game too, but in Belarus bought the original disks is very difficult and expensive. I bought ps2 when I was in Norway (then I bought some original disks).

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