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Vexx SLUS 20383 U going underwater issue.
I have r5025 and it seems whenever I go underwater after a second or less I get the picture that I have attached. But whenever I resurface everything is fine. What exactly can I do to fix this as I believe there is no reason it should be doing this as whenever I am under water everything is fine until about a second later. I see in the compatability list that it says intro for 0.9.6 it seems like so far that it works fine aside from the underwater issue. It seems like in the upper left corner you can see a small square picture where the screen moved to. The screen you see that fills most of the screen seems to be a previous image in the game that it just pulls up each time I go underwater after a second.
Underwater glitched: [Image: Underwaterglitch2.jpg]
Underwater before glitched:
[Image: Underwaterglitch.jpg]

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A bit more information about which plugins u use, what settings, which PCSX2 version and ofcourse your hardware specs.
I completely forgot to include them. I have a Toshiba L505D-GS6000 just click the link and scroll down a little to get complete specs. And the settings I have are all default except the audio is on linear. I also have the speed hacks set to 2 for EE and 2 for VU as well as everything checked. Also I have the EE and VU set to none for clamping mode. And I have the GS window fit to window/screen
You need to use the DirectX Software mode only for underwater scenes. Software might be slow, so don't worry.

Click F9 to go directly into Software mode.
Thanks for letting me know. That was the next thing I was going to try as I remember the Tomb Raider Anniversary game needed it to be enabled. So will this be put onto the list as playable?

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