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Hey guys, I was just wondering if its possible to have full vibration whenever a game prompts a controller to do so. In some games the vibration is barely even there, although you can feel it on the controller, it just isn't powerful enough. Is there a way to adjust LilyPad to vibrate at full force during those moments? Btw I'm using r3674 and Ive got a radio shack adapter plugged up to my ps2 controller.

Thanks for the help. Ninja
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You can change the strength of the effect in LilyPad, but it should be big by default... check the sliders for the big/small motor configuration. It's possible that the game just doesn't want it to use a big effect.
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what game(s) did you try?
(08-25-2010, 04:44 PM)Saiki Wrote: what game(s) did you try?

A couple, to name a few Ar Tonelico Melody Of Elemia and Resident Evil Code Veronica X, in both games sometimes the force feedback is barely even there (you can still feel it) and sometimes its so powerful it makes my hand vibrate! Id like to have it do this all the time if possible, but I'm just not sure what settings to set and such :/
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