Vibration and General Controller Settings
First off, I have no idea if this has already been covered elsewhere. If it has, please feel free to remove this post.

While doing my own searching for ways to get vibration to work on PCSX2, I stumbled upon the perfect solution.

I currently use my PS3 controller hooked up via usb, and use the digitally signed MotioninJoy drivers. MiJ requires you to be online to work, however there is an offline workaround. MiJ is very nice in that it allows you to emulate your PS3 controller as either a PS2 (no analog or with analog), PS3, or XBox 360 controller. The response time is extremely fast, but I have noticed that it lags ever so slightly when I play Need for Speed Shift 2; but that is an entirely different subject.

Controller Configuration:
This may seem odd, but I always keep my MiJ set to XBox 360. LilyPad detects it as a DX Controller. It should be checked by default, however ensure that the DirectInput and XInput boxes are ticked. All the keys register when inputing them.

The reason I use XBox 360 on MiJ: I have never been able to get vibration to work successfully when I set MiJ to PS2/3. With MiJ set to XBox 360, every game I have played with PCSX2 vibrates successfully.

I am unsure if MiJ will detect a 3rd party controller, but if you happen to have a PS3 (or know someone with a spare controller) this works flawlessly.

I wrote this up because during my search to enable vibration, I saw a lot of unresolved threads pop up on this board. Hopefully this helps.

Edit: On a side note, setting MiJ to XBox 360 also allows you to play controller-enabled games with no special key mappings or binding required. It's amazing being able to sit back and relax playing GTA4 with a controller, and no special work to make it happen. It's also amazing to play Battlefield and be able to fly the chopper with joysticks (this takes a little effort), rather than mouse and keyboard. Just throwin' that out there.

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motionjoy turned stupid and started bundling a half arsed XBOX control driver, i haven't updated past 0.4. something.

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