Vibration not working in FFX
Hi, I'm using Logitech Rumblepad 2, I can't seems to get vibration(force feedback) to work with LilyPad 0.10.0 when playing FF-X. I have tried adding the Big Motor and Small Motor, still no avail, are there very specific settings for it to work in FFX?

Windows 7 32bit
PCSX2 0.9.7

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you need the drivers from logitech's site. windoes does not natively have rumble support. (I had the same issue)
i have installed the latest driver, i test the rumble working in lilypad's plugin setting page, but in-game when hitting or get hit by monster it doesn't rumble... could you share with me screenshots of your lilypad settings?

i also have vibration turned on ingame.
if I was on my PC, sure, but I'm not on it. try this to make sure:
(09-09-2010, 10:27 PM)m4a1rifle Wrote: but in-game when hitting or get hit by monster it doesn't rumble...

I don't think it rumbles in that case (in the PS2 either), maybe being hit by a powerful spell, but it works for sure when doing summons tho.

It's just how the game works.
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might be right there, I never payed attention to it. in either case the above will make sure it's correct.
ahhh... it's true normal attack doesn't have vibration, summon boss does when i'm using PadSSSPSX. All these while I was trying the vibration in-game with attacks.

Thanks very much for the tips! Now I can get back to the game Smile
Does it vibrate only when Aeons are summoned? As I'm checking if I've configured my xbox 360 controller vibration properly.

Btw, should I put big motor and small motor into my key assignments?

Also, any1 knows what values for ea of those to make them vibrate as much as the original PS2 controller?

Does Xpad plugin vibrate?

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