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Hello everyone, I got this idea where I wanted to do a KH1:FM playthrough and capture it. But when I hit F12, I don't see any movie format that I recognize (I only know of AVI, and MP3/4). Tried to capture a bit without changing the format and result was huge lag and FPS dips and a file appearing on my computer that I couldn't use.

So I was wondering if there is a way to record what's going on in my emulator without all that happening? Aside from FRAPS cuz I don't have cred card or Paypal account to buy the full version.

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x264vfw is probably the best choice for recording. Use preset Ultrafast, tick zero-latency and set rate control to single-pass lossless. If you want a smaller filesize, adjust the rate controls to your liking, but this will obviously result in a perfomance hit, depending on your specs.
One thing to take note of is that if you want to upload the videos directly to Youtube without further re-encoding, you have to make sure keep input colorspace is left unchecked, yt cannot handle YUV 4:2:2 video.

Another codec you could check out is huffyuv, it's pretty fast, but will result in bigger files.

Use AVI-Mux to mux the separate video and audio files after recording.

The big advantage you have with the built-in recorder is that the final video will run at full 50/59.97fps with smooth audio, regardless of any slowdowns during recording. Real-time recording will eat up resources either way, and if your system can't handle that while maintaining a steady frame-rate, this is the best way to go.
Thanks for the tips Eloris, but AVI-Mux crashes everytime I try to mux the files. =/ Know any other good program for that?
Try virtualdub, works great for me
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._.' Seems I need to record something new: the previous recorded files are not detect by *drummrol* virtualdub.

Rerecorded to find out that virtualdub is somehow not able to do anything with the files. I'm coming to the conclusion that this is becoming a waste of my time and free space on my comp....
uncompressed should work with vdub. for x264 there's a vdub hack in the encoder settings so it can read the fourcc. but what does virtualdub output? it doesn't do mp4 and aac right? i can't tell. i don't have it anymore.

else try avidemux2. works great for me. Wink
I bet you're not stopping recording properly.You need to press F12 twice to properly stop recording. Vdub will work with uncompressed and with any x264vfw setting (but don't mess with colorspaces etc). You don't even need the vdub hack xstyla mentioned above when recording with PCSX2, only when you use the encoder within VirtualDub
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dunno if this' completely wrong to say, but it works for me just by escaping the window. perhaps avidemux handles the "open" ends better. :/
that twice hitting F12 is what I didnt do. XD Thanks for the help everyone, gonna make good use of it soon. First gonna play KH2FM+ that just arived by mail <3
I give up. Stopped recording correctly this time by pushing F12 twice. Go to the folder where the new files were to be send to when made. Only see the 'movie' file. No audio file in the folder anywhere.

Try to create something out of it anways with Virtual Dub. Initially can't see the file unless I make it show ALL THE FILES!!! But when selecting it, I get this error message saying:

"Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'H264'

VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to decompress video. Directshow codecs, such as those used by Windows Media Player, are not suitable."

So decided to try out AVI-Mux. (Yes, i'm a real noob and dumdum when it comes to computers) Dragged file into the program and made it work. For the first time an ACTUAL Avi file was created. Upon wanting to see the recording with Windows Media Player.....nothing but a black screen. The vid also doesnt seem to play at all even if has stopped loading.

I want to thank all in this topic, but I'm not gonna screw around with my comp anymore. This was enough adventure as is for me.

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