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Video Capture Issues
Wav is uncompressed...anyway you can use virtualdub to compress it to mp3 if you like
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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That's the thing though, if I open the file in vdub it says "The file *** is of an unknown or unsupported file type."
Oh you're right on that one. First load the video in Virtualdub, then go to Audio->Audio from another file and select the wav. After that you can use whichever codec you want to compress the sound (and the video as well)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
That's what I tried before. It doesn't play any sound (I tried with another wave file first, and that worked), and when I export it along with my (working) video footage as an avi vlc can't play it.
That's too weird...ok maybe start over? Delete your old wav files and videos first
Download the latest SVN here: and use the GSdx included there. Also the new SPU2-X it includes. Then F12 to start capturing, do NOT change YUY2 and try with uncompressed first. See what happens then Tongue Also make sure you start recording after some seconds have passed since the first screen of the game shows up.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(perhaps I might be a bit late for this but... here goes)

Sometimes, you might've forgotten to stop the recording (didn't press F12?), so the wav file didn't get finalized and some software won't open it correctly.

If that's the case, I wrote a tool that might fix your wav file. Try and see if it works.


To use the tool, drag and drop the wav file over the program's icon.
Or if you're familiar with the command prompt, ...easy enough.

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I got help from a friend, and now it works. Thanks anyway Smile
Hey, I am a first time poster.

I have the same problem. Dect, care to share with us how you got the audio file to work?

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