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So, I was reading the guide on what parts do what in the configuration. So this lead me to do some tweaking around in my plugins. For both of the games I beat this week I've been using the default settings (Direct3D9 (Hardware)). The guide stated that it is recommended to use Direct3D11 (Hardware) if you can. I think I have a good enough computer so I tried it out and noticed no real difference but in the game of bully where D11 had some minor display errors compared to no errors in D9 which switching weapons.

As I continued to adjust the settings in software mode I made extra rendering threads from 1 to 6 (since in theory my computer should be able to do that) and also noticed that I can use 6x the native resolution to the ps2 settings. This is the sole reason why I am creating this topic. I know with the extra rendering threads my computer will be able to do software mode better (which it can now run on 60FPS instead of 20-30 FPS) but what does enabling the better scaling do harmful?

To me enabling the scaling just makes to see that the ps2 graphics are a lot better and use a lot more from your computer and nothing else. However, since I am new to emulating will this cause any damage to the emulator or crashes/glitches in games? Sorry if my post seems long or foolish, but I think this feature will make gaming a much more enjoyable pleasure. Laugh

Also, what is the main difference be D9 and D11?

EDIT: I see how the majority of my questions can be answer. Please delete since I cannot delete myself.

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If your using software mode, you will only get native resolution regardless of what you set it to. Also iirc rendering threads should be set to 3-4 for optimal performance, even if your cpu has more.

As far as upscaling goes, for the most part it just pushes your hardware more and adds an effect similar to AA since the higher the upscale the smoother the edges will be. There is no point in going higher than 4x native however. Sometimes upscaling or using a custom resolution can cause minor visual glitches, but nothing game breaking.

With D9 and D11, D11 is generally a little faster, but it can also depend on the game. If its causing glitches that the other is, there is no downside to using the other.
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