Video card overclock
I decided to overclock my video card today to hoping it will increase performance, and i did big time. I have Ati HD 3600 at 750Mhz core clock , i overclocked it to 860Mhz core and 1740Mhz(air cooling) memory and it the FPS increased from 30 to 50. I read around that CPU clock make the difference , but i have E7200 Duo 2,5GHZ. I use GSDX 0.1.14 DirectX 9 hardware 3.0 shader and 1920x1200 internal resolution and i get ~50Fps with video overclock.

Will it make sense to continue video overclocking with liquid or phase change cooling to get flawless gameplay ?

Cpu overclock had no effect ...

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It'd depend on the game and the internal resolution, with an internal res that high on a 3600 I could understand why it would be the GPU limiting you, so as long as it is the gpu limiting you, your fps probably will increase with a higher overclock. You could also decrease the internal resolution, but that would decrease the quality too.

Edit: Oh and if it makes sense to continue overclocking, buying better cooling etc, you can only decide for yourself - however you could consider getting a new graphics card, the 4850's are pretty cheap nowadays for example, you'd gain a lot more on that than buying new cooling to overclock you 3600.

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Water, and especially phase, isn't worth the money or effort for that rig in my opinion. How far did you overclock your CPU? Going to 3.2 you should see a difference. You should be careful overclocking your GPU too far, you'll start to get BSODs. Have you tested to make sure yours is ok?
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Uhm, the video card is.. not very useful for emulation, and of course this also applies to pcsx2
I can't believe the guy actually considered phase change for that video card.
Not even going to go into all of the reasons (and there are many) why that would be a bad idea.

Water (ambient), Bong (slightly sub-ambient) cooling is the most any typical user should go for.
When you start going into ln2, dry ice, phase, peltier/TEC (which is so inefficient, it's not even practical) thats for extreme stuff.
Why would you use watercooling or phase change on a card worth about $50 USD when you could just buy a better video card?
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