Video card upgrade help
ok so im wanting i ll buget gpu help i have q6600 cpu quad core
and a crappy geforce 8400 and 3 gig ram looking for a good video card
wanting to play grandia 3 ive had trouble with an ati before i think it was a 4550 i didnt boot but worked fine in diffent pc so i think i should stay geforce or do u think it was a random incompatibility cause im likeing the 5670 ddr 5 1gb 66 bucks trying to stay below 75

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Radeon HD 6750 2gb
nvidia 440 gt 1gb

same price, slighty favor the nvidia
Try to get a GTX 560(ti) if you can afford it. Good bang for the buck and they get cheaper now.
or I would say try to get the 7750 Smile I saw that one for 105 Euro's here in the netherlands and the card was only out for 2 weeks orso Smile But then again if you really want to spend only 75 bucks. I don't think the 440GT would be an honest comparison towards the 6750 Smile I can be wrong, but I think the 6750 blows the 440GT away eitherway, it's your own choice storm. If you rather have a Nvidia, do as rama says Smile Since he's one of the Devs for PCSX2 so he does know what he talks about Smile. On a sidenote I still think that Gabest could make a little better support for ATI/AMD cards, even though I don't have any issues myself.
wait out a little bit more and get a GK106 660, it should be priced a bit more aggressively than the 560 and have a lot more performance.
haha im use softwere mod and runs so much better looks like crap but 60fps steady
well i ended up with MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5/OC Graphics card - 1 GB - GDDR5 SDRAM for $126
spent more then i wanted but do u think i did good

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