Video issues - Ico (NTSC-U)

This is what happens when I try to play Ico. I tried it with two different ISOs, so that most likely isn't the problem. I can move Ico around and everything works smoothly, except that there are permanent black blocks on the screen. I tried this with all different Anti-Aliasing, Interlacing, and Bilinear Filtering settings. Any suggestions? I'm hoping I can get this working, but if I can't, it's alright.


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The game plays perfectly fine on GSdx Wink
Hm. Are there any other plugins I can try on linux besides ZZOgl? I'm fine with compiling source code if it's necessary.

I have a copy of Windows XP. All I need is a good hard drive, because I don't want to dual-boot because last time I did that, Ubuntu and Windows started fighting with each other. Can you help me with that? Tongue
Sorry, I also put them on seperate disks.
I don't trust any of the boot managers not to mess up my raid0 Tongue2

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