Video test of PCSX2
hi all,
i'm a little french boy who love gaming and ps2, i'v tested your emulator since a long time but the last version is just amazing !! i just want to cheers and tanks you a lot for this amazing program you'v made.

i'v realised a little video to promote and show to all my friend who your emulator is perfect and by the way i want to share it with you and all other user of the forum.
don't forget to watch it in 1080p for better experience

hope you will love it Smile

thanks again for this amazing work

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Nice, liked it. It also made me remember that language I learnt in high-school. =P
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
(08-30-2012, 10:08 PM)KrossX Wrote: Nice, liked it. It also made me remember that language I learnt in high-school. =P
lol yes it's my natal language Smile thanks for the like i'v really taken a lot of fun to made this video this emulator rocks !!
Love that Smile +1
Nice video and I'm sure what you said was nice as well Tongue2
thanks a lot Smile

when i have some time if you want i can comments it in english, let me finish my 2 actual project after that i tri to make this Smile
very nice video Smile so you know, the tekken 5 line issues you show at the end, they can be resolved by playing with a custom resolution, i cant remember the numbers its like 1200x700 or something. As for ratchet and clank, its a bit of a trade off. The texture issues are fixed with software mode at the expense of original resolution graphics, hardware mode has no support for mipmapping Sad
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

1280x1280 for tekken 4 and 5

For Burnout- start the game in Software mode and then when start race,switch to Hardware Mode, to have normal sky,not black one that you have now.
I think skipdraw set to 3 or 4 fixes the black sky in burnout.Not sure though.
Btw nice video Laugh
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Maybe,but you will lost some effects,right? And there is no need, run in Software Mode fixed it completely.

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