Video too much red saturation
Hello out there,

I've some trouble with running various games under Ubunut (12.04, Nvidiea GT204M propertery driver).
For weeks everything was running smooth and I enjoyed some FF X, then I tried a different game and all of a sudden (Haven't touched settings) the video has some strange colors - red is for too much saturared.
Funny thing is: This problem now occurs with every game I try (even the before working FF X).
I fiddled around with the settings but except some changes in FPS nothing happened so I'm now at a point where I've no idea what I can still do.

Though about reinstalling but then again I can't find the settings directory and I would really like to backup my snapshots/save games before trying anything 'extreme'.
Any suggestion how to get a nice video again?

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I think it is linked to a bad shader post process. Try to hit f7. Otherwise delete gsdx.ini and reconfigure it
**** me! Must have pressed it once in order to load/save a snapshot or … well whatever.
At least it's now out there for others to find when googling ^^" *tries to save some dignity*
Merci beaucoup! :*

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