Vido and Audio setup
Okay . I finally made the Emulator working with my Ps2 bios Laugh .

I have and AMD X2 5000+ @2.8Ghz
4GB 4x1 GB Transcend 800Mhz DDR2 RAM
Ati Radeon HD 4870 1GB
Win 7 ( 7600 ) X64

I would like 2 know what is the best video , and audio plugin , because the audio is S*** ( cracking , lagging ) with peops Spu 2 1.9.0
and i would like to kno that which Video plugin should i use ( and how to set up ) , because games are sometimes Slowing down .

Sorry for my bad english ( i came from Hungary )

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Try the latest public beta version.

For video, use the latest GSdx SSE2 plugin in D3D 10 Hardware mode.

For audio, try SPU2-X plugin.
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Also, what game are you trying to play?
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Sonic riders Zero Gravity , and Tekken 5 , and maybe Alone in the dark 2008
SPU2-X is very slow . it laggs
If your game doesn't run fullspeed (because your pc is too slow, which it is), then all sound plugins will have problems.
Idk why , but The emulator uses 20 % of my videocard , and 30 % of my CPU . Why doesnt it uses all the 100% ? ( I can run crysis in DX10 Betwen High and Ultra high with 40 FPS )
Where do you see this 30% of your CPU? is it task manager or pcsx2's window?

Tekken 5 needs a pretty fast CPU which you dont have and you could be suffering from the ATI bug in which case I'd suggest you upgrade to the latest beta and use a GSdx revision no higher than r1406, using the "VU cycle stealing" speedhack on the beta and setting it to the max could help with speed on Tekken 5 but it wont be smooth then.
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Sidebar gadget showed 30 % total use ( CPU ) . and I hava MSI afterburner which shows FPS , and 20% GPU usage .

I would like to buy a new CPU . I have a Full AMD support motherboard ( AM2+ , Crossfire ... )
Should i Buy a Phenom , or buy a new motherboard , and an Intel I7 ?

PS : I'm and AMD(ATI) fan
What does the CPU usage say on the titlebar of PCSX2 while you run it?
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