Viewtiful Joe running slow
Hey, I have viewtiful joe and I want to play it. It works really well, running mostly at 60 fps until I actually start the game. Then it immediately drops to 19~21 fps. Is there anyway to fix that/ stop my fps from dropping so suddenly? I have a Macbook pro, running snow leopard.

Here are my specs:

PROCESSOR 065-0293 2.0GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
• MEMORY 065-0094 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB
• HARD DRIVE 065-0549 500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200
• OPTICAL DRIVE 065-0102 8x Double-Layer SuperDrive

Thanks for the help!

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There could be numerous reasons why it is running slow. I have noticed a significant FPS increase when I turn my dock hiding on. If that doesn't work it could just be the game but upload screenshots of your settings. Are you running the latest graphics plugin? (ZZoglPG 0.1.0) Also, do other games or the BIOS (no disc) run without any FPS lag?

EDIT: A quick search on the forums and it looks like lots of PCSX2 windows users had this problem too. Mac OS X can't use GSDX, which is what sped up PC user's games.

Still you might be able to do something to up the fps if you don't have the ZZoglPG 0.1.0 plugin already, but it looks like this game is just plain slow until mac can get a better graphics plugin.
start by updating to Lion.
It's a pretty slow game and I'm not sure if ZZogl is making it slower...

Try enabling frameskip and set the frames to skip/draw to 1, should be faster and pretty smooth that way.
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Here are screen shots of my Configuration and yes I do have ZZOgl PG running as well.

[Image: Screenshot2011-07-31at54058PM.png]

Oh and another quick note: I started playing Hot Shots Tennis and I am having similar problems. The graphics of both HST and VJ are similar so I'm assuming that the issue has something to do with rendering the frames, however I also play Persona 3 FES and it works just fine...
Something similar like this was happening to me, I know this is somewhat generic but turning on your speed hacks may help. Also when configuring the sound plugin unchecking all boxes gave me a boost in fps (not really significant boosts but boosts nonetheless.) I think it's also important to remember that pcsx2 for mac is in it's beta phase and that some games just are not compatible. Scope out the pcsx2 wiki first and see if the game you want to play is even playable lol sorry I can't be of more help.. Good Luck Bro!
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