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Virtua Fighter 4....Any tips to get 100% speed..
Ok, sorry for long post but i've been trying to get VF4 running at a constant 60Fps, and i've run out of ideas because according to this screenshot...

[Image: Capture-21.jpg]

Even though i know the Emulator doesnt make use of more than 2 cores, its not using 2 cores to there fullest potential...57% core usage on a 3 core setup is only using about 80-85% of 2 in theory i should have enough to run VF4 at full speed, as you can see the EE is at 99/100% indicating a CPU bottleneck, GS is only at 34%, so my 4850 is more than enough for this emulator....

These are my system and Emulator settings....

Windows 7 64Bit Ultimate

[Image: Capture7.jpg]
[Image: Capture8.jpg]
[Image: Capture4.jpg]
[Image: Capture5.jpg]
[Image: Capture6.jpg]
[Image: Capture3.jpg]
[Image: Capture2-2.jpg]
[Image: Capture1-3.jpg]

I have Oc'ed my CPU to 3.9Ghz and it still seems to top out at the same 50-56fps range...

Does anyone know of a better config to run VF4 on....i think ive tried most combinations but i maybe missing something or is VF4 just not capable of being run at 100%/60fps in the current state of the Emu.?....
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if you have v sync on in your drivers or on pcsx2 disable it. in pcsx2 try putting both clamps to NONE it will give maybe some speed. or maybe supervu will give some also, both lower compatibility and may create problems.
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You can try using superVU and the EE cycle rate speedhack, maybe even the "vu cycle stealing" speedhack could help.

If you notice in the title bar the EE thread is using 100% and the GS one only 34% so not using both cores fully is normal on that case, there's very few cases where games use both cores at around the same %.
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