Virtual Controllers?
I've no clue where is best to post this Tongue2
It kinda covers Linux as well as Development stuff and so forth, correct me if it's in the wrong place.

I'm wanting to control PCSX2 on Linux via code.
I'm expecting most solutions to be using Python or preferably NodeJS.

The project I'm working on requires the ability to control the emulator via code.
I can easily control the keyboard to press regular buttons but controlling an axis isn't possible using a normal keyboard.

I've been searching around Google for a while and I've yet to figure out a solution, I've looked into virtual controller drivers for Linux (couldn't find anything I could use via code). Short of wiring up a gutted controller and using some dirty code with an Arduino I'm out of ideas.

I realised that PCSX2 uses plugins for pad emulation, though I'm a complete novice with C++.

So generally,
Does anyone know any approach I can take that will allow me to control the PS2 Joypad via code either via virtual controller drivers or existing PCSX2 Pad plugins.
I stumbled across vJoy which looks absolutely perfect but it's for Windows and I dont fancy trying to get PCSX2 running under Wine with vJoy, I doubt it'd perform well at all.

Any thoughts?


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I'm no developer, but would it be possible to simulate keypresses via an API?  PCSX2 can be configured to use keyboard keys as specific buttons.  I think it uses SDL on the back end to read input so perhaps NodeJS has a method to trigger certain keys that SDL will pick up?  Just an idea.

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