Visual glitches on Persona 4 (NTSC-USA)
Like this :

[Image: 23l1ftj.jpg]

Doesn't happen in every place but it's still annoying.

I'm using 0.9.6. E8400 @3ghz, HD4870 with four gigs of memory, on windows 7. Internal res set on 1680*1050. Graphics plugin is Gdsx 890 SSE41.

I tried to switch to 0.9.7, but when I try to run a game with it I'm getting this error message :

"CDVD plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers."

My DX is updated.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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The issue is fixed in 0.9.7 beta.
You should configure your CDVD plugin properly, here's a post I've made explaining:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I dismounted the ISO from daemon tools, it's working now.
However, since I moved from 0.9.6 to the new beta version I don't have my saves anymore. I just copy pasted the "memcards" directory in the 0.9.7 directory but when I want to load my game (in Persona 4) I don't have any save. I was already 4 hours in the game so I don't to start all over again... any clues ? Where should I put the saves ?
Well nevermind I just had to transfer them manually using the memcards menu in 0.9.7. It's working just fine now, and no glitches ! Thanks dude.

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