Volume Control for FF12?

I have a question. I did some googling and search here, but I couldn't find the answer. The problem is that BGM is much louder than dialogues in FF12, and it's very hard to make out what the characters are saying. Can someone tell me how I can change the volumes for these? There was no option ingame as far as I could see.

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This is a bug in the emulation of the SPU2 (sound processing unit of the PS2). Changing SPU2 plugins may improve the volume balance for different games. None of the SPU2 plugins have especially good volume balance right now though, so you might have to wait until something better comes out.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Thank you for the info, Air. Just knowing that helps. Smile
Latest SPU2-X should take care of all volume problems now Wink
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