Volume level is not remembered (Windows 7)
In Windows 7 you can set volume levels for each running program individually.
Windows remembers this setting so that when you close a program and re-open it the volume level will be where you last set it.
PCSX2 always starts a full volume.

(no - I'm not using different builds - this was tested using the exact same PCSX2 version/folder/files)

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same game?
(10-02-2010, 04:53 AM)Saiki Wrote: same game?

You can change and keep it from the Lilypad.ini file. Go to the line "Volume = 100" and change for whatever you want, "Volume = 60" = 60% respect to master volume in the volume mixer for example, not sure if it works the same in all Windows tho.
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@Shadow Lady
Thank you very much Smile

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