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Vram Question
Not really a question I can 100% answer technically, probably by doing something alike even if we could just stretch the result and if that wouldn't cause same slowdowns, we probably would have many problems with texture coordinates causing missplaced graphics etc.

I can totally answer it ideologically through, a way to do this doesn't exist currently and since the emulator as a whole is filled by countless hacks already the team is against adding new on‌es = it'll not happen.

Anyway there are loads of games which are totally castrated when it comes to special effects and probably even more of those which still have all the effects, but some of them are broken and await someone to remove them. Mostly we have to live with it without any choice even if those effects were building immersion, be important for the story or simply enhance the graphics all the time, luckily FFXII isn't really one of them, 1 flame fx texture showing in the back during some attacks which aren't even soo common and yet get boring after XX time of using them is not really something decreasing game experience. Learn to live with it or you'll get an heart attack when later seeing some seriously glitched games;p.

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