Vsync settings ignored unless changed during the game

I am using the latest nightly build (wxWidgets x64) and am having trouble getting Vsync to work. No matter which mode I have set it to (Standard or Adaptive), it does not prevent screen tearing unless I change it while the game is running. I have to close the GS window, go to GS window settings, then change whatever mode is set to the other.

If I have it set to Disabled or Standard, I change it to Adaptive, and then it works.
If I have it set to Disabled or Adaptive, I change it to Standard, and then it works.

It shows that both modes do actually work, but they only take effect when set while the game is running. This was not the behaviour I got in the version I used before, but I don't remember exactly which version it was. I do remember it was a nightly build of August 15. Whatever Vsync mode was set at the time of launching the application always worked in that version.

This was tested in GTA LCS, GTA VCS and NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (all NTSC).

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