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Hello my name is Nicholas Hebert and im having a little bit of a problem. The issue is that when i go into pcsx2 and i click on cpu and i select the Vu skip, Im noticing that when i play any game with Vu skip on it make any game playable with no problem, but with Vu skipping on and everything, im noticing no picture at all while having Vu skip on from pcsx2, if somebody can test a game out with Vu skipping on and with no video at all but the audio and everything els works but with no video, can somebody please help me? Thank you

Nicholas Hebert

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VUSkip,as the description besides the checkbox says,can and WILL cause artifacts.If that is the case don't use it,nothing you can do about it
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yeah but still if it does and will cause artifacts and i put in a certain game it plays all of my games with good sound quality but with no video and by having it on it just plays many if not all games great, then sombdy has to fix the video right? what i mean
that when i move around or look around while i selected other options on in the cpu menu it slows at least every game you running supper slow and its not the cpu or the gpu of anyones graphics card, its pcsx2 its self with and with out the betas and builds. mabe ill just sit back and listen to game music rather then play any game with out seeing what you doing then. but i do think its really funny. no offence

no offense
#4 don't seem to get it.It is a side effect of that 'fps boost'.It will break some games,because you are not supposed to skip frames.Consider it like a speed hack.
So if it doesn't work,don't use it and stop whining,no offence
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ok thank you, thats all i wanted to hear thank you very much i apprechiate your help. Smile

Nicholas Hebert

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