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W7 issues FFXII (U/C) - bluescreen
At the end of several cut scenes running the game in windows seven, the OS will blue-screen, sadly my PC is too powerful to catch the error message >.> it finishes the dump before i can read it. but skipping the cut scene works fine, wont blue-screen if you skip. its not a game breaking error and i definitely think its a problem with seven, i will downgrade to XP x64 today and rerun the last cut scene to bsod me.

the current ones that do it are just after you finish the electrical mine and exit to the desert and the scene between when you see the airship and when you land, not going to mention more because of spoilers.

Version is Ntsc u/c

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what Version of FF12, I'll personally try it as soon as I get some confirmation.

(and if you have a save nearby it, attach it to save me the long-haul trouble of getting there as I'm quite far in the game right now)
FF12 CE (U) that is to say the American ntsc release
ok, that still doesn't tell me much more than the basics, what part of the game? (and the CD only included an extra DVD which had little to nothing on it about 12)
I got a blue-screen at the very end of the cut scene that shows at the end of the dungeon, just before you enter the desert on your way back to rabanastre, and again a blue screen at the end of the cut scene showing what became of vaans friend. it always happens at the end of certain cut scenes. as far as i know the CE version is the same as the normal release btw. just with the spiffy case
This isn't a bug report,moving to support. Also BSOD usually means that something is wrong with your system and not the emulator's fault
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Sorry about that, but like i said in my original post i know for a fact it is a problem with seven, so this probably applies to other games as well.

And yea, i'm running a pretty fresh image of Windows seven so i know its not a corrupt(cough) well corrupt by viruses os. its just the os itself being a finiky bastard..
It could be the video card driver crashing, it happened sometimes to me in Vista (but it just reset the driver, didnt get a BSOD). Since the Win 7 drivers aren't as mature maybe something doesn't like the stuff GSdx does. Try using ZeroGS for the scene
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Hmmm i could give that a shot, nvida has been releasing seven drivers like candy on halloween so i'll check their site
Win 7 drivers are repackaged vista ones, unless the vista driver is bad, it should work the same on 7

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