[WORKING] Spyro : The Dawn Of The Dragon ! Pls correct the compatibility list !
Hey guys . I have good news . Spyro : TDOTD ( NTSC ) version is fully working on the new beta ! I had some issues to make it work good ( no texture bug , or whatsoever Laugh )
pc spec :
Amd Athlon II X4 @ 3Ghz
4Gb DDr2 800
Gigabyte ma770us3
Ati 4870 1gb ( cat. 10.8 )
Win7 Ultimate X64

And here are the settings :
[Image: spyro1.png]
[Image: spyro2.png]
[Image: spyro3.png]
[Image: spyro4.png]
[Image: spyro5.png]
[Image: spyro6.png]
[Image: spyro7.png]

Gameplay footage :
( Game IS Working fine @ 60 Fps , menus working , videos are good , sound not lagging with good quality , textures good Laugh )
[Image: spyrogp1.jpg]
[Image: spyrogp2.jpg]
[Image: spyrogp3.jpg]

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you really have 3 ps2 consoles?
Intel 486 DX33 33Mhz
S3 Graphics Trio64V+
Windows 95
Running MGS3 Snake Eater fully playable @ 0.05 fps
only 1(EU) , and my friend has one too(US) . The last one isn't dumped ( japan is a bit too far away Laugh )
if it isn't dumped it has been illegally obtained. You are only allowed to use the bios from the ps2 console which YOU OWN.
read rule number 1.

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