WOW I can run these games on a $550 laptop
I just wanted to post this(I dont know if I am wrong in doing this)
I would like to give thanks to all the programmers for clearly improving PCSX2!!!!!

I just bought a new laptop and I tried this games...I have a much more powerful Desktop(see sig) but It is easier to attract people if you play PS2 games in your laptop since I bring it to schoolSmile

Okay I've tried the new Beta's
Wild Arms 5(40-50 FPS NTSC World Map, BAttles 45-65)
Gust games (Ar tonelico 2,Odin Sphere,Mana Khemia(I hope Mana Khemia Will be fully fixed soon))(Near 60 most of the time)
Shadow Hearts 2(50-60 MAP and in Battles)
Warriors Orochi 2(Depends on the number of enemies BUt normally the lowest is 35+ and reaching 50 if few enemies,PAL)
Xenosaga 1(seems playable in ZeroGS BUT no textSad, It runs slow on GSDX)

I will try more games later..

Settings in speed hacks are all on(I don't know if this is wrong)
and ADVANCED SEttings are all at the fastest.

Thanks for the emu!!!!

EDIT: I really should mind my grammar....
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Wouldn't those games run nearly perfect on your other rig?^^ that qube pc?^^
[Image: sys4u2i.png]
Yes but as stated It is much easier to bring a laptop around instead of a PCSmile
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