So WRC 4 doesn't work. I understand that. I'm not here to ask for a patch or anything.
However, I am here to ask one question: why doesn't it work? I'm curious about this, as it just seems strange.

In one build it booted up and was playable, albeit required some hacks. It was playable in another build too; a user under the name of 'Prafull' attached a build to a message of theirs, which also booted the game. However, current builds don't even get to boot the game without the emulator spewing up TLB miss errors, even whilst using the hacks that were used for the older build.

I also tried to boot the game using the 'Play!' emulator, which completely stopped responding when I tried. What is it about this game, as opposed to the other games in Evolution Studios' WRC franchise, that's so hard to emulate to the point it just doesn't boot at all?

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