WRC 4 (2004) on PCSX2
Hello everyone. I'm a huge fan of the WRC games by Evolution Studios and I own all 5 games from the series. Over the last few years, I managed to get 4 of them running at full speed on my lame ancient laptop, so recently I decided to make a video guide on how to get the best FPS in WRC 2001, WRC 2 Extreme, WRC 3 and WRC Rally Evolved, which I did and you can see it here:

However, the fourth game in the series doesn't work in PCSX2, not in the latest version at least. According to the PCSX2 wiki, the only version of PCSX2 that can run WRC 4 is version 0.9.4 from 2007, so I decided to download this version of PCSX2 and see if that's true or not, and guess what:

SUCCESS! This is the first video on Youtube of this game running in PCSX2. However, there are many emulation issues: first, I had to copy a graphics plugin from a newer version of PCSX2 into this version because with the old plugins there were thick black vertical lines on the game screen when driving on a stage, and the game ran at an unplayable speed; despite that, the game still doesn't run at full speed even with the newer plugin and there are many graphical glitches remaining - I don't know how to get rid of them which is why I came to this forum to ask if anyone knows a workaround for this. Oh, I also used this patch to get the game running: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Problem-w...#pid512344

So, anyone willing to help at finally making this game fully playable in PCSX2?

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I am afraid that game is currently unfixable. You can try the attached PCSX2 build modified and based on PG version. It will reduce the sps by about 75% but some bugs are still there.

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