WTB a real PS2 (FF12 help thread)
I've struggled through numerous guides and threads about Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XII on this forum and I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't completely fruitless.

Specs: C2D 8400 (3ghz), Geforce 8800 GT, 4gb ram, 120gb HDD, newish mobo I can't remember the name of with onboard nForce sound

[Image: 34rc6zk.jpg]

[Image: 32zt0cw.jpg]

[Image: 2cyiszt.jpg]

Ok, the problem I'm trying to solve RIGHT NOW is lagging sound. The graphics run beautifully but the sound lags behind progressively worse. I've tried every single sound plugin available and they give mixed results.

Gigaherz: sound lags behind. This is by far the best I've gotten in terms of quality but sounds are unbearably behind, around 3-4 seconds.

SPUX-2: sound plays way too fast, crackles, crashes. I put the frame limiter on to slow it down to 60 frames and it works well, but sound begins lagging behind again. I load a save state past the beginning FMVs and get a loud buzzing noise instead of sound.

PEOPS: FMV music and graphics chug. Loading a state past FMVs doesn't help, as it starts to buzz.

Zero: Won't play sound.


edit: [Image: 2d9w7c.jpg]

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Switched to the newest snapshot (had no idea what this was) and it fixed everything so far.. will keep this thread bookmarked in case I run into anything else.
you have the same specs as me with the only difference of my little overclocked cpu at 3.2GHz, that said, using the latest revision in all the plugins and using the proper speedhacks FFXII runs at a constant 60 fps, with only minor glitches and slowdowns at some specific parts

make sure you use the latest PCSX2, GSdx and SPU2-X revisions... i'm also using the latest revisions for the other plugins just to make sure everything runs fine

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E8400 @ 3.2GHz - 8800 GT @ stock - 4GB DDR2 800 [actual: 3.5GB with PAE] - WinXP PRO 32bit SP3
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