WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2009 FPS drops!
Hey People can anybody help me when i play wwe smackdown vs raw 2009 in my pc
windows xp sp3 32bit
Quadcore q6600 2.4ghz
4gb of ram
HDD 750gb
Zotac nvidia 260gtx 216cores 896Mb overclocked.

I get like 60-80fps when i play the game but if i play it for 3 mins its fps drops to 25fps which is slow for me! how will i be able to maintain fps to be faster because after 3 to 5 mins of playing it suddenly drops to 25fps if i restart Pcsx2 0.9.5 it will start with 25fps and not 60fps again and if i Turn off the computer wait for 10mins and test it,it works with 60fps but for only 3 mins then it lags why??????? can anybody help me???
The pcsx2 settings i use:
Graphics:Gsdx 846(MSVC 15.00,SSSE3)0.1.9
Resolution windowed
Rendered direct3d9 hardware
Shader 3.0
interlacing none
Aspect ratio 16:9
Native /On
NloopHack on third state
Texture filtering on third state
Logarithmic z on
Alpha correction (FBA) on

Bios i use europe
14/06/2004 bios..[/color][/color][/color]
Help plz!!! is it my pc or pcsx2 or i need a patch or something?

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Disable any kind of speed stepping of your processor and make sure it is not overheating by using a program to monitor the temperature.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
What do u mean by speed stepping?How will i disable speed stepping?
hey i checked with coretemp all four cores are at 77C is this normal?
Thank u very much bositman ! My cpu temps were 80c i checked with coretemp when i was runin pcsx2 my cpu was overheatin!i checked the cpu fan wasnt spinning because of wires which holded the fan but then i kept everything nicely! Now my pc is very fast with pcsx2 and wwe fps never drop now! Not only u have helped me in pcsx2 but even i now run Gtaiv pcgame all maxed! With 50fps! Thank u very much i dont even know how to really thank u !anyways ur a hero.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.THESE ARE THE BEST FORUMS.

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