WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006 [BUG REPORT]
HI guys i have a problem my PC runs "SDvsRAW06" too much fast.but when i select play match the Emulators Shuts immidiately.so can someone help me?.the help you can do is tell me about the plugin which can work on my PC:

Dell 3.2ghz (Supports MMX/SSE/SSE2)
1024MB ram
64MB ATI 3D Card.(Didn't Support any of the shader)

Emulator in Use TongueCSX2 0.9.5 SVN277(Also tried on ver0.9.6)
GPU Plugin in Use :GSDX (MSVC14 SSE2).
if someone can give me MSVC13 it will also be good.
Thus, Any kind of help will be Appreciated. Excl

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Your PC does NOT meet the minimum requirements to work with PCSX2. Read the FAQ.
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