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WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 CAS Road to Wrestlemania
@diegochiha I apologize for addressing you harshly.
@Saiki Thanks for taking a legitimate look into my problem. Much appreciated.

Okay, I've solved my own problem. Amazingly with the power of youtube.
So apparently theres a glitch on the game for that week maybe just with the NTSC version I'm assuming if some people are having luck out there, but for all those people,, it seems like you have to return your CAS' moveset to default for it to work. Of course you can just copy the character beforehand to be able to access your original moveset after completing that week.

Here, I'll let this guy explain it... forwarning, don't drink milk (or any other beverage for that matter) while this lil dude explains this. Just dont.

Anyway, for anyone else that may happen to have this problem this is how you solve it.

By the way,

when using the 0.9.7 beta entrances and cutscenes seem to be utterly horrible, when using the 0.9.6 I remember them being pretty clean? Maybe its just my settings? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
-- Also matches seem a bit slower as well. Even with the speedhacks... again,, probably a settings problem.

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@ Incredibilitycg

Okey,just tell us your configs

Edit: OMG i just saw that video on youtube,and as you can see this problem is present on the real ps2 as well so there is a 100% chance it will happen on the emu too Tongue, and btw that kid from the video is really "into" the game Tongue

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