WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (Ive read previous topics, dont worry)
The game runs really slow despite speed hacks. I have the latest pcsx2.

Whether I use the native resolution or 6x scaling the framerate stays the same. EE @ 33% adds about 10FPS, bring it to 40FPS which is still unplayable.

My processor is an Athlon 620 X4 ~2.6ghz and my gpu is an nvidia 470gtx. I have 4gb of ddr3 ram, if that matters.

The processor can't really be that bad, can it? Thats basically my question. Do I really need to upgrade?

PS I love pcsx2 since my gf sold her ps2. THANK YOU!

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Not to be "witch hunting", but I think you still must retain ownership of the PS2 you extracted the BIOS from (to remain legal about things). I guess I don't know all the details (i.e. it's your boken PS2 you still have that you had extracted from), but I just want to fair warn you so you don't inadvertently break the law (not allowed here).

Anyways, your processor isn't that bad per say, it's just generally slower (Ghz) for some of what PCSX2 (or certain games) can require. You could try using more Speedhacks, just know that it will most likely "break" gameplay at some point with some games.

The real answer to your problem is your CPU clock rate. If you can overclock it, you will see the difference you want. I will note that your particular CPU should be quite able to handle this. It would only become unsafe if you try and take it too far, or start changing settings you're unaware as to the effects of.

If you're against overclocking, then a CPU upgrade is your best route. You wouldn't really need a newer CPU, just a higher clock rate. Sadly, you're then just paying them extra $$$$ to basically OC the chip for you, ya know?
Thanks, I'll try to overclock. Never done it before.

As far as the BIOS goes, the bios came from my ps2 which is sitting in a closet broken. My gf's worked and thats the one I used for my games but she sold it to pay off credit card debt. I know thats a sketchy story but I promise I'm not lying. I use image burn to make images of the games.
LOL. Hey, stranger things have happened, right? Smile
I've overclocked to 3000mhz, but still the same problem Sad
You're not still using 6x scaling, are you? That's pretty excessive, possibly even for your GPU. I'm guessing your screen/monitor is not greater than 1920x1080, right? How about something more in that range (i.e. 3x or 4x scaling).

You should see something from 400Mhz, even on an AMD...
I cut it down to 3X. I overclocked to 3050mhz. That's the highest it would go.

I set the voltage to 1.255 V. If I set my bus speed any higher I think I'd have to increase the voltage, but it gets to 63 degrees Celsius when i stress test in prime95 which is too hot for me. I set the ht link to 1000mhz. (Am I doin this right? I got your pm Smile) I'm still going to mess with the bus speed. The highest the multiplier will go is X13.

Besides, the max speed I saw someone get is 3250. Is that big difference?

Anyway, my fps are now at about 48fps. It's still very slow-mo-ish. I guess this is the best I can get unless I upgrade.
Overclock % is almost exactly the type of benefit you'll get in PCSX2. 3ghz over 2.6ghz is a 15% speed increase and you're getting almost exactly that as an improvement as you noticed.

Unfortunately, those wrestling games tend to require fairly high end processors so if that's as far as your CPU will go, that's probably as far as you're going to get.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Well, I got it up to 3250 mhz and the framerate is now in the 50 to 60 range, which I guess is playable. But that's only in the one-on-one matches and it dips down to 47 randomly. I havent tried anything else yet. I guess a new ps2 isn't too expensive, but I might just get this on the 360. Thanks for everyone's help Smile
You should try the PAL Version. Then there are only 2 frames per second missing. It works absolutely perfect on my overclocked 3.2Ghz Core2Duo E8200 without any speedhacks. I only need to activate them if there are four or more wrestlers on the screen. But then it runs smooth at 50 fps again.

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