WWE dont work
Hello guys i tryed to play wwe smackdown vs raw 09 and 10 but in game my frames drop to 12-18 so slowmotionplay Wink

My system is a Amd Phenom 9650 quadc 4 gb ram ati readon 3450 graphic card (till next week ill get then 5770) i tryed on xp (dirctx9) and win7 (dirctx10) same results ...i have all new plugins from this site here ...so i was thinking at least i should be able to play the sd vs raw 09 with current settings

im new to this pcsx2 so i hope some can help me to get it running ...thx a lot

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My guess is your 3450 is holding you back. Wait till next week and check the performance you get with that 5770
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sadly, your CPU could be the problem as well. 2.3ghz (even as a quad core) is pretty slow for emulating PS2 games. The WWE games especially seem to run slowly on the emulator and thus need a faster machine.
this game is one of the most demmanding as usually fighters games are in ps2,and even with that new graphics card you gonna get i cant be sure if you can run it at decent speed
well thx 4 infos so far ..right now i got running with 40-50 fps (cpu overclocked to 2,5 ghz ) ill tell u guys how it works on new card next week Smile

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