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WWE on Pcsx2
So is my settings okay? Where went wrong? Pls help me. Most appreciated.

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from what I know, the titantron bug came with SVN 5145you'll probably have to use an older version to make it work.
Or just live with it
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(02-14-2014, 05:56 AM)jesalvein Wrote: Or just live with it

well a fix would be another option Cool

i know its not on the top of the "to do list"
but it shouldn't be too hard to fix it
with the information we've got

last working version was svn 5144
so "just" look into 5144 and 5145 and
talk to "refraction" what he changed in the code
he wrote something about "Fix for Issue 1145"
(fix for Dynasty Warriors 2 & 3)

now comes the difficult part
rebuilding the code for wwe from 5144 without breaking Dynasty Warriors 2 & 3 and other games

but i guess this will happen sometimes in the future Cool
game a and b work game c does not.
u fix game c and b is no longer working
so u fix b and now a stops working
u fix a and break c again

(this will stop ones the emulation is at 100%...
look at bsnes/higan and the snes emulator so 100% is not impossible...)

the devs cannot test 10.000 games after every new svn version Biggrin
as a wrestling fan i hope the bug gets fixed but its unlikely
since more and more time goes by
the titantron bug is old
(it should have been fixed with 5146 for e.g.)
now i guess the devs wont risk to break several games and fixes just for the wwe videos

but never say never Biggrin

the intro video of twinkle star sprites is working too (at least atm)
a fix for a game that not many people play :-)
( or it was a side effect, a fix for another porbleme cured the intro fix)

so even if the devs wont fix the wwe bug in the near future
it may be fixed by itself when the emulation becomes more perfect Biggrin

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